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Santiago – funky, gritty and beautiful

My first couple of days here have been spent wandering the streets of Santiago.  Taking in the vibes of the city.  Learning about the area I am staying in.  It is a beautiful city, with some European feel to it.


Santiago has a funky edge to it.  Barrio Bellavista is definitely a part of it.  A barrio at the base of Cerro San Cristobal, it is teeming with bars, restaurants, cool shops, and graffiti-filled buildings.  Some people are put off by graffiti but I think it gives the neighbourhood part of its vibrancy and coolness.  Lots of young people walking about, lots of families headed to Cerro San Cristobal and the zoo.


I decided to walk up San Cristobal, as it was a beautiful day and I was told it was about an hour and a half walk.  The walk did not disappoint!  The views – incredible.  The peacefulness of the walk.  Seeing the bicyclists and hearing them grunt as they made their way up the steep slopes.  It was an incredible way to go.  I ended my walk at the cable car and took the cable car the rest of the way.  I was proud to have made  it up 2/3 of the way!!  At the top – the incredible beauty.



Another part of Santiago I have walked to is the Plaza de Armas area.  It is filled with people, and while there were restaurants and bars around, I found it more crowded than I wanted.  Perhaps I will go back later this week, and see if it is always like that.  I did go into a church I passed along the way, and as it was Sunday morning, a church service was going on.  I decided to sit down, say a prayer of thanks for the incredible journey I am on, and watch the service.  It was a very passionate sermon, and while I could not understand what the priest was saying, I could feel the intensity in his voice.  A great way to start my time in South America.


After seeing the church service, I walked up another hill (lots of hills here!), Cerro Saint Lucia.  I am presuming because it was Sunday was the reason for so many people around.  Families having picnics, despite the cloudy cool day.  Teenagers having some fun.


I love the feel I am getting already from South America.  The language, the food (yes I have had an empanada already – first of many I am sure!!!), the vibes.  Very different from China ~ I am loving Santiago!!!



People of Changchun 2

Pictures of new friends, colleagues, and people I have come across during the year of being here.


20170430131620_IMG_0289Playing at Nanhu Park



Lovely mothers and a grandmother of students


Owner of my favourite cafe


Owner’s wife of the cafe


Two sisters out for dinner


The dancers at night


Dancing at Nanhu Park, love the costumes!!


Playground near my home – a wonderful family oriented area!

These faces…

It’s been a busy week with teaching. Extra lessons in the evenings and on weekends keep me busy.

My time here is quickly coming to an end, and as excited as I am to be heading to a new country and new adventures in a couple of months, I can’t begin to explain how much I will miss these kids. 

Happiness is a child’s laugh

The sound of a laughing child always makes me smile. Whether it’s a baby’s first giggle, a toddler’s belly laugh, or kids playing in a park, laughing at the sheer joy of being at play.

My day is so much brighter when I hear the laughing of kids. No matter what I am doing or trying to finish, the sound of laughing makes me feel better and ready to finish my job.

As adults, we tend to take things so seriously, we forget what it’s like to have a good long laugh. One that brings tears to your eyes and a sore stomach. 

So the next time you feel stressed, listen to some kids playing and laughing. Sometimes its all the therapy you need!!